About Us

In collaboration with companies and their employees, foundations and individuals, we can improve the living quality of rural communities by implementing our micro-company and education programs.


Volunteer To Thrive appeal and calls to companies and institutions who wish to contribute in improving the quality of life of people from communities with fewer opportunities. We also appeal to foundations to sponsors and host local operators and companies employees and individuals as consultant volunteers to improve people’s life quality from rural communities through our consultancy and education programs. The volunteer will assist the programs with their knowledge, skills and work ethics and they in tum will receive a totally unique and unforgettable experience as a tourists.


We design, operate, promote and evolve each of our programs to achieve the expected impact on each individual of the rural community. Each company sponsors the participation of their collaborators who will test their ability to analyze and synthesise specific problems. The foundations, having an intimate knowledge of the habitat, customs and living conditions of these communities, facilitate the operation and local implementation of the programs and ensure the integrity of the volunteer.


The volunteer usually attends for a minimum period of 7 days to perform a specific task and the sum of all these assistances covers the program. Our purpose is to empower each individual of the communities to access better opportunities for entrepreneurship, employment and life.

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