Is align to Union Nations Sustainable Development Goals

susteinable development goalsdecent work and economic growthreduced inequialitiessustainable cities and communities

It is a consulting service for the micro-company of the community to improve their business practices and services.

The program is divided into two stages; the first is to make a diagnostic of the micro-company and the second is to implement the identified projects that may generate greater value.

Attendees volunteers, will be shared micro-company’s information in order to develop the specific assigned task that will develop during their stay.

Increase the profitability of the micro-company by, improving current customer service, preparing them to serve new customers and improving their performance overall for continued growth.

In Quintana Roo, Mexico, particularly in the communities of Pac-chen, Nuevo Durango and Tres Reyes.

  • Accommodation

    The accommodation during your stay will be at the volunteer center of each community

  • Meals

    Monday to Friday - 3 meals a day will be include - the typical food of the region.

  • Transportation

    Cauncun airport transfer - Community - Airport
    -Local transportation among the communities

  • Materials

    You can use the community center computer.
    We will provide tools on the web to document your assignment.

  • First Aid

    We have a nursing service for basic first aid, minor accidents and minor illnesses.

  • The programs is available all year.
  • Volunteers minimum stay are 7 days
  • Arrivals and departures are only considered on Saturdays and Sundays

We want to inspire more people to come and live this enriching experience, it will be a great support if you share your photos and videos. We also request that you please write an article for our blog telling us about your experienceand submit it before you leave.


  • Riviera Maya

  • From: 7 days

  • Age: 21+

  • Coordination before and during the program

  • Immersion activities

WhatsApp Open Mo to Fr, 9am to 6pm