corporate volunteering

Our activities are align to Union Nations Sustainable Development Goals

susteinable development goalsdecent work and economic growthsustainable cities and communitiesreduced inequialities

Corporate Social Responsability must be an integral part of business and planning strategies. Working with us in some of our programs, your company directly impact in some Mexican communities.

The activities can be adapted to the requirements of the company. Here are some of the possible activities:

Work in an organic garden: The volunteers may work in an orchard to support the vegetable production for local use.

Construction and maintenance of schools: The participants will work as a teams to perform tasks such as making bricks, installing doors and windows or painting school walls, providing more educational opportunities for youth and childen in the communities.

Construction and maintenance of water collection systems: The group of volunteers will support the construction and maintenance of water infrastructure for these communities that do not have drinking water.

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