For periods that you are not busy with volunteer activities, you will have the opportunity to do some immersion activities to know better about the Mayan life. You can also hire some excursion with some of our local partners.

Classes of the Mayan Language: After the volunteer activities, we give you the option to take Maya classes, it is a challenge that this language is not lost, so when teaching it to volunteers, it encourages younger generations to be attracted to preserve their roots .

Arts and Crafts: We also have training in hammocks, baskets and preserves so that at the end of the program as well as a rewarding experience, you can have a memory of the region made with your own hands.

Excursions: You will be free on weekends, where you can rest and have the opportunity to know the richness of the Mayan culture, you can travel the region to your liking, making some of the suggested excursions.

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